Adv. Irit Kohn

Adv. Irit Kohn
Adv. Irit Kohn



Lecturer on Extradition and Universal Jurisdiction        

Bar-Ilan University and College of Management                                      2005-2008


Director of the International Affairs Department                                        1995-2005

Ministry of Justice, Jerusalem, Israel


Responsible for all international criminal law litigation conducted on behalf of the State of Israel including Extradition, Mutual Legal Assistance, Transfer of Prisoner between States, and Child Abduction in accordance with the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction.

Director of the team responsible for negotiating treaties between the Government of Israel and foreign countries on the above mentioned areas.  Representative of and advisor to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the applicability of other treaties or international documents related to these fields.

Member of the intergovernmental committee regarding the International Court of Justice Advisory Opinion concerning the legal consequences of the construction of Israel’s security fence against terror.

Chaired and directed the litigation defense team to defend Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in Belgium in a case filed on the basis of universal jurisdiction. 

Founder and Director of a joint inter-governmental and academic committee researching Universal Jurisdiction.

Member of the State of Israel governmental committee for the International Criminal Court.

Lead attorney of the litigation team representing the State of Israel on extradition and legal assistance cases before the Magistrate, District and Supreme Courts of Israel.

Member of the Government of Israel Inquiry Committee investigating missing persons in Argentina.

Representative of the State of Israel in the Council of Europe on all matters related to Extradition and Mutual Legal Assistance.


Deputy to the Director of the International Affairs Department                    1989-1995


Deputy to the Director and State Prosecutor in the International Affairs Department in the Ministry of Justice.  Managed cases related to Extradition, Legal Assistance, Prisoner Transfer and International Child Abduction.


Legal Officer, State Controller's Office, Ombudsman Division                    1971-1989


Handled complaints filed by the public against Government offices and municipalities in accordance with the Law of the State Comptroller

Represented the State Comptroller's office in meetings with government agencies in order to address the legal ramifications of issues raised in complaints filed by the public.




Drafted Chapter 13 entitled "The Law of Extradition" in the book International Law, Sabel, Robert (Editor), Hebrew University Press, 2003.

Articles published in Justice, journal of The International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists, on Extradition and forthcoming publication on International Child Abduction and Terror.

Lecture on Universal Jurisdiction and Terror, University of Bar Ilan, June 2004.

Series of lectures to missions of the American Jewish Committee regarding Human Rights in Israel.

Lecture on Human Rights and Terror, University of Haifa Conference.

Lecture on Universal Jurisdiction – Lessons from the case Against the Prime Minister of Israel in Belgium, American Society of International Law, Annual Conference 2002.



Elected to the Vice-Presidency of the International Association                        

 of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists                                                                    2004