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Dr. Tsuriel Rashi
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Dr. Tsuriel Rashi (Ph.D.) is the Head of the Mass Communication Department at Lifshitz College of Education in Jerusalem. He is also a lecturer in the Department of Political Studies (Communication Program) at Bar-Ilan University, the largest university in Israel, and he is also the Communication graduate students' academic advisor. He is also a prime researcher at the center for the Media and Judaism at Bar - Ilan University and a lecturer at Jerusalem Centre for Ethics. His main fields of research are Media and religions as well as media ethics.

Dr. Rashi is a graduate of the Division of Journalism and Communications program and has an M.A. in Political Science and Communication studies, both from Bar-Ilan University, where he completed his Ph.D. dissertation "Media, Judaism and Ethics: The Public's 'Duty to Know' in Jewish Law." Early in 2009 his dissertation was awarded the Yoav Prize for Significant Academic Work in Media Criticism.

Three years ago, Dr. Rashi developed an instructional program for Jewish religious schools, commissioned by Israel’s Ministry of Education, that treats the subject of Judaism and Communications, which is now incorporated into the schools’ curricula.

He is currently pursuing a post-doc at Tel-Aviv University under the supervision of Prof. Asa Kasher, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, Vice Chair of the Jerusalem Centre for Ethics. Recently he conducted a few researches with Prof. Max McCombs focusing agenda setting and religion. His articles are being presented internationally and published in and significant media scholars' journals.



ספרים (עורך) (Books as editor)

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ספרים שהתקבלו לפרסום 

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מאמרים בכתבי עת 

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מאמרים שהתקבלו לפרסום 

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מאמרים שנמצאים בשיפוט 

'The Kosher Cell Phone in Ultra-Orthodox Society: A Technological Ghetto within the Global Village'. Submitted to: Information, Communication & Society


'Media Credibility and Its Reflection in Jewish Responsa from the Eighteenth to the Twenty-First Century'. Submitted to: Journal of Media and Religion


'Confidentiality of journalistic sources –Journalistic ethics codes vs. Jewish Law'. Submitted to: Journal of Mass Media Ethics



פרסומים שאינם שפיטים 

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