Dr. Eli Avraham

Dr. Eli Avraham
Dr. Eli Avraham


Eli Avraham is a senior lecturer in the Department of Communication, University of Haifa,
Israel. He has published numerous articles on a variety of subjects in professional journals,
including Journal of Communication; Media, Culture & Society; Political Communication;
Press/Politics; Popular Communication and Cities. Dr. Avraham is also the author of several
award-winning books, among them The Hidden Israel (2001); Campaigns for Promoting
and Marketing Cities in Israel (2003); Behind Media Marginality: Coverage of Social Groups
and Places in the Israeli Press (2003, Lexington Books); Media Strategies for Marketing
Places in Crisis: Improving the Image of Cities, Countries and Tourist Destinations (2008,
Butterworth-Heinemann). Dr. Avraham has delivered keynote speeches and invited talks
for various organizations and received an award from the International Communication
Association for his research on Israeli advertising. His fields of interest include Marketing
places in crisis; Advertising and society; Media strategies and public relations; Media and
coverage of political/social conflicts; and Media routines.