Mr. Alon Ben-David

Mr. Alon Ben-David
Mr. Alon Ben-David


Alon Ben-David is a television and print journalist, who has been covering the Middle East
conflict for more than 20 years. Specializing in defense and military issues, he is currently
Senior Defense Correspondent for Israel Channel 10 and Middle East Correspondent for
Jane’s Defence Weekly and Aviation Week. He presents on-air military news and analysis
daily, including on-the-scene reporting. Mr. Ben-David is well known and respected in
Israel among the media, government and military communities, as well as the Israeli

Alon Ben-David began his career as a reporter in the Israeli Defense Force’s radio station –
“Galey Tsahal” and later in the national public radio “Kol Israel”. He joined the Israeli
National Public TV – “Channel 1” in 1989 and in 1993 was appointed defense
correspondent. Since 1998 he was heading the defense desk in Channel 1’s news
department. In 2003 he joined the new “Israel 10” TV network, as Senior Defense
Correspondent and Head of Defense Desk, capacity in which he is responsible for editorial
policy on defense issues, as well as writing and presenting daily commentary. Alon Ben-
David also writes for the London-based Jane’s Information Group’s magazines and for the
US-based Aviation Week.