Mr. David Saranga

Mr. David Saranga
Mr. David Saranga


David Saranga is an Israeli diplomat and former Consul for Media and Public Affairs of
Israel in the United States. Saranga was responsible for Israel’s image in the United States
and was the liaison person of Israel to the American media. Saranga was the first diplomat
who implemented Web 2.0 governmental initiatives, including the first official blog of a
country, a MySpace page, YouTube channel, Facebook page and a political blog. Prior to
joining the Consulate in New York, Consul Saranga served as Deputy Spokesperson at the
Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jerusalem, and was responsible for all contacts with the
foreign media based in Israel. During this period he was responsible for Israel’s PR
campaign around the International Court of Justice hearing in The Hague, regarding the
Israeli West Bank barrier. Saranga has also served as the First Secretary for Media and
Public Affairs at the Israel Embassy in Spain and as deputy ambassador at the Israel
Embassy in Romania. He prepared for public service in the Israel Ministry of Foreign
Affairs, where he studied Diplomacy and Political Economy.