Mr. Adi Schwartz



Adi Schwartz is an Israeli freelance journalist with over 10 years experience in leading
Israeli and international media outlets. He specializes in in-depth analysis, interviews and
on-the-ground reportage, covering Israeli domestic affairs, the Israeli-Arab conflict, as well
as social, cultural and historical issues. He worked as staff writer and senior editor for
Israel’s leading newspaper, Haaretz, and was the newspaper’s special envoy to Brussels,
London, Rome and Latin America. Currently, he is Monocle magazine’s correspondent in
Israel. He writes for Israel Hayom, Maariv, The Jewish Chronicle, Il Foglio, The Mumbai
Mirror and others. His main fields of interest are the Middle East Conflict, Israeli current
affairs, Anti-Semitism, Jewish-Christian relationship and social and cultural tensions in
Europe. Adi Schwartz teaches journalism at the Sapir College in the southern city of Sderot
and at the Center for International Communication of Bar Ilan University. He is a guest
lecturer and commentator on Israeli current affairs for various institutes and think tanks.
He is coordinating and teaching a course on Israel’s public diplomacy at Zman Eshkol
center, in coordination with the Center for International Communication.