Dr. Nachman Shai

Membe of the Knesset
Dr. Nachman Shai
Dr. Nachman Shai


M.K. Dr. Nachman Shai is an Israeli journalist and politician who currently serves as a
member of the Knesset for Kadima. During his service in the IDF Shai worked in Israel Army
Radio as its commander and chief editor, and served as the IDF spokesman. In 1979 Shai
became press secretary for the Israeli delegation to the United Nations in New York, and in
1981 he was named press consultant to Israel’s Washington embassy. In 1991 he founded
The Second Authority for Television and Radio and served as its CEO. He was also chairman
of the board of directors of the Israel Television News Company, chairman of the Israel
Broadcasting Authority (IBA) and Director General of the Ministry of Science, Culture and
Sport. He later served as Senior Vice-President of United Jewish Communities (UJC ) and
Director-General of UJC Israel