Mr. Zimet Daniel

Mr. Zimet Daniel
Mr. Zimet Daniel



Daniel Zimet gained his first degree in Sociology and Political Science at Tel-Aviv University and the second degree in Mass Communication at Clark University, Mass., USA. 


Daniel is CEO of Zimet Marketing and Communication, serving high-profile corporations as well as promoting Turkey's Tourism brand in Israel for a decade.


Daniel served on the Board of Directors of the Israeli Advertising Association (1992-2001). 


He serves as Vice Chairman of Israel-Turkey Business Council and was rewarded the title "Man of the Year" in 2004 for his achievements in promoting the bi-lateral trade between Israel and Turkey.


Daniel played a key role in "The Israel Forum", a non-profit organization, related to The Jewish Agency, enhancing relations between Israel and world Jewry.


Daniel is a steering committee member and spokesperson of the Izmir Project, geared to preserve and reconstruct the old synagogues in Izmir, Turkey as well as converting the old Jewish quarter to a live touristic educational museum.


Daniel is a frequent contributor of professional media articles mainly focusing on Public Diplomacy and Place Branding strategies such as for cities and nation branding.


Daniel is a frequent lecturer of Marketing Communications in the Israeli Academia and a visiting presenter in international forums in Israel and overseas.