Prof. Ariel L. Bendor

Chair of the Center
Prof. Ariel L. Bendor



Higher Education

·        1998-1999: Visiting Scholar, Yale law School

·        1990-1994: LL.D., Hebrew University of Jerusalem

·        1984-1988: LL.B., cum laude, Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Academic Ranks

·        2007-present: Frank Church Professor of Legal Research, Faculty of Law, Bar-Ilan University

·        2001-2007: Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Haifa

·        1995-2001: Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law, University of Haifa

·        1992-1995: Tutor, Faculty of Law, University of Haifa


Academic Offices (selection)

Bar-Ilan University

·        2010-present: Head of Center of Law and Media

·        2009-present: Member of the Promotions Committee, Bar-Ilan University

·        2008-present: Director of the Faculty of Law Publishing House

University of Haifa

·        2005-2007: Dean of Students

·        2003-2007: Member of the Board of Governors

·        2002-2007: Member of the Senate

·        2002-2005: Dean, Faculty of Law

·        2003-2004: Member of the Executive Committee

·        2000-2001: Chair of the Graduate Studies Committee, Faculty of Law

·        2000-2001: Member of the Council of Graduate Studies

Israeli Council of Higher Education

·        2002-present: Chairperson or member of about 20 sub-committees


Other Offices (selection)

·        2009-present: Chairperson of the Israeli Association of Public Law

·        2006-present: Member of a Committee nominated by the Israel Police Commissioner for Examination of the Policy of Requesting Injunctions against Publication

·        2006-present: Member of the Directorate, Issta Lines Ltd.

·        1994-present: Military Judge (Lieutenant Colonel, reserve duty)

·        1992-present: Giving legal opinions and representing petitioners and respondents in courts (especially the Supreme Court of Israel, seating as the High Court of Justice), in constitutional and administrative law matters

·        2005-2006: Member of the Advisory Committee for Examination of Israel's Policy of Immigration, nominated by the Minister of Interior according to s decision of the Government

·        2002-2005: Member of the Executive Committee, the Institute of Judicial Training for Judges in Memory of the Late Chief Justice Yoel Sussman

·        2002-2005: Member of the Directorate of the Israeli Association of Parliamentarian Studies

·        2000-2005: Member of the Public Council for a Constitution by Broad Consensus, the Israel Democracy Institute

·        2000-2003: Legal Commentator, "Yedioth Ahronot" daily newspaper.

·        2000-2003: Member of the sub-committee for Children and their Families, the Committee of Children Rights, Israeli Ministry of Justice

·        1998-2002: Member of the Israeli Administrative Tribunals Commission, under the Administrative Tribunals Act

·        1989-1990: Intern of Attorney (between 1992-2006 – Justice of the Supreme Court of Israel) Mishael Cheshin

·        1988-1989: Intern of the Israeli Supreme Court Justice Shlomo Levin


Editing and Editorial Board Membership (selection)

·        2008-present: Director of the Faculty of Law Publishing House

·        2003-present: Member of the Editorial Board, Law & Army

·        1999-2000: Editor-in-Chief, University of Haifa Press

·        1996-1998: Editor-in-Chief, University of Haifa Law & Government Journal (Mishpat Umimshal)

·        1988-1989: Editor-in-Chief, Hebrew University Law Review (Mishpatim)


Supervision of Graduate Students

Supervision of about 10 Ph.D. (SJD) and 15 LL.M. students, Bar-Ilan University, University of Haifa, and Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Referee of Academic Books, PH.D and LL.M Dissertations and Law Review Articles

Referee of 5 books, about 20 Ph.D. and LL.M. dissertations, and many law review articles


Lectures in International Conferences and Invited Presentations (selection)

·        2011: "The Relevance of the Discourse of Judicial Activism v. Judicial Restraint", Tulsa Law Review Symposium Honoring the Work of Justice Aharon Barak, Tulsa Law School

·        2010: "Are Immigration Rights Constitutional Rights in Israel", International Seminar on Minority Rights to Language and Education: Models and Perspectives in Europe and in Israel, Faculty of Law, University of Trento, Italy

·        2008: "Human dignity as a constitutional Concept in Germany and Israel", German-Israeli Colloquium – Human Dignity and the Criminal Law, Cologne University Faculty of Law, Germany – with Michael Sacks

·        2007: (1) "human Dignity in Constitutional Law; (2) Physical Punishment of Children",  German-Israeli Colloquium – Human Dignity and the Criminal Law, Faculty of Law, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

·        2006: "Multiculturalism and the Law Concerning Foreigners: Israeli Perspectives", International Conference on Equality and Diversity in Europe, University of Helsinki, Finland

·        2006: "Freedom of Expression: Clear Policies, Vague Laws, and a Handful of Clichés", Fulbright Israel/USIEF Anniversary Symposium on International Influences on national Legal Systems, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

·        2005: "A Jewish and Democratic State", International Conference on World War II and its Impact on the Law: 60 Years After, University of Haifa Faculty of Law, Israel

·        2005: ""Multiculturalism and Public Law in Israel: Aspects Regarding the Law Concerning Foreigners", International Conference on Law and Multiculturalism: Different Perspectives, Insubria University Faculty of Law, Como, Italy

·        2004: "The Rights of the Civilian Population in the Occupied Territories in Times of Armed Conflicts: The Role of the Israeli Courts", International Conference on Civilian Peace Building in the Middle East, on behalf of the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Berne, Switzerland

·        2004: "Justifiability of the Fight against Terrorism", International Conference on War, Terrorism and Rogue States, Bar-Ilan University, Israel

·        2004: "Determining Liberties: Human Needs, Human Rights and Literature", Annual Meeting of the Association of Studies of Law, Culture and Humanities, University of Connecticut – with Shulamit Almog

·        2004: "The Israeli Constitution and the Fight against Terror", Huston University School of Law

·        2004: "The Israeli Constitution and the Fight against Terror", SMU School of Law, Dallas

·        2004: "The Israeli Constitutionalism: Between Legal Formalism and Judicial Activism", international conference on "Constitutionalism in the Middle East: Israeli & Palestinian Perspectives", the Center for Comparative Constitutionalism, University of Chicago

·        2003: "Israeli Law Concerning Foreigners", the first Conference ("Human Rights as a Review Criteria of Legislation and Jurisdiction") in the series "Law Systems in Exchange: Dialogue among Lawyers in Israel, Poland and Germany", Berlin, Germany

·        2003: "Formalism as Legal Justice", "Law, Justice, Religion and State", a joint conference of Bar-Ilan University, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv University, University of Haifa, Herman Cohen Academy and the Israeli Supreme Court)

·        2003: "The Israeli Constitution and the Fight against Terror", Center for Constitutional Studies, University of Alberta, Canada

·        2001: "Legal Scholarship and Utopian Studies", Annual Conference of the International Society for Utopian Studies, Buffalo NY – with Shulamit Almog.

·        2001: “Power and Consent in Legal Regulation of Heterosexual Intercourse", Critical Legal Conference, Kent University, Great Britain – with Shulamit Almog

·        2000: “Awakening a Sleeping Beauty: 52 Years of Israeli Constitutional Revolution”, Annual Conference of the American Society for Law and History, Princeton – with Shulamit Almog

·        2000: "The Slates of Law", the annual conference of the International Society for Utopian Studies, Vancouver, Canada – with Shulamit Almog

·        2000: “Awakening a Sleeping Beauty: 52 Years of Israeli Constitutional Revolution”, the annual conference of the Australia and New Zealand Law and History Society, the Law Faculty, Australian National University, Canberra – with Shulamit Almog

·        1999: “Politics as Law”, the Critical Legal Conference (Spectres of Law – Legal Theory at the Fin de Siecle), University of London (Birkbeck College), Great Britain

·        1999: “The Phenomenon of Legalization of Politics from a Comparative Perspective”, the annual conference of the Canadian Association of Law and Society, Sherbrooke University, Canadaש




In Hebrew


·        Basic Laws (forthcoming, 2012)

·        The Hatmaker: Talks with Justice Aharon Barak (2009)

·        Basic Law: The Army (2000) – with Mordechai Kremnitzer*


·        Itzhak Zamir Book on Law, Government and Society (2006) – with Yoav Dotan*

In English and Hebrew

Research Project

·        Initial Periodic Report of the State of Israel Concerning the Implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) (2001) – co-author of the legal parts, with Shulamit Almog



In English

·        The Constitutional Significance of the Jewishness of Israel, The Israeli Nation State: Political, Constitutional and Cultural Aspects (Fania Oz-Salzberger & Yedidia Stern – eds., forthcoming, 2012)

·        The Relevance of the Discourse of Judicial Activism v. Judicial Restraint, Tulsa L. Rev. (symposium issue, forthcoming, 2012)

·        The Purpose of the Israeli Constitution, Israeli Constitutional Law in the Making – Comparative and Global Perspectives (Aharon Barak, Daphne Barak-Erez & Gideon Sapir – eds., forthcoming, 2012)

·        The Constitutional Status of Human Dignity in Germany and Israel, 44 Isr. L. Rev. (forthcoming, 2012) – with Michael Sacks

·        Justiciability of the Israeli Fight against Terrorism, 39 Geo. Wash. Int'l L. Rev. 149 (2007)

·        Is It a Duck? On the Israeli Written Constitution, 6 Yale Isr. J. 53 (Spring 2005)

·         The Israeli Constitution and the Fight against Terror, 11 Const. Forum 37 (2003)

·        Conceptualizing Yahoo! v. L.C.R.A.: Private Law, Constitutional Review and International Conflict-of-Laws, 25 Cardozo L. Rev. 2089 (2004) – with Ayelet Ben-Ezer

·         On Aristotelian Equality, the Fundamental Right to Equality, and Governmental Discretion, 8 Rev. Const. Stud. 1 (2003)

·        The UN Convention of the Rights of the Child Meets the American Constitution: Toward a Supreme Law of the World, 11 Int'l J. Children's Rights 273 (2003) – with Shulamit Almog

·        The Constitution and Conflict-of-Laws Treaties: Upgrading the International Comity, 29 N.C. J. Int'l L. & Com. Reg. 1 (2003) – with Ayelet Ben-Ezer

·        Constitutionalism and Trust in Britain: An Ancient Constitutional Culture, A New Judicial Review Model, 17 Am. U. Int'l L. Rev. 683 (2002) – with Zeev Segal

·         Investigating the Executive Branch in Israel and in the United States: Politics as Law, The Politics of Law, 54 U. Miami L. Rev. 193 (2000)

·        Parties in Israel: Between Law and Politics, 1 San Diego Int'l L.J. 101 (2000)

·        Prior Restraint, Incommensurability, and the Constitutionalism of means, 86 Fordham L. Rev. 289 (1999)

·        Are there Any Limits to Justiciability?, 7 Ind. Int'l & Comp. L. Rev. 311 (1997)

·        In Hebrew

·        On the Proportionality of Proportionality, Hebrew U. L. Rev. (forthcoming, 2012) – with Tal Sela

·        Trends in Israeli Public Law: Between Law and Judging, U. Haifa L. & Government J. (forthcoming, 2012) *

·        The Mutual Swallowness of Law and Ethics in Appointments of Senior officials in Israel, L. & Business (forthcoming, 2012) – with Michal Tamir

·        Criminal Law and Constitutional Rights, Justice Eliyahoo Mazza Book (forthcoming, 2012) – with Hadar Dancig-Rosenberg

·        Empirical Legal Studies in Israel: Findings and Insights, 34 Tel-Aviv U. L. Rev. 351 (2011) – with Yifat Holzman-Gazit

·         Human Rights of Children, Itzhak Zamir Book on Law, Government and Society 93 (Ariel L. Bendor & Yoav Dotan eds. 2006) – with Shulamit Almog

·        On Law, Government and Society: A Discussion with Itzhak Zamir, Itzhak Zamir Book on Law, Government and Society 15 (Ariel L. Bendor & Yoav Dotan eds. 2006) – co-moderator, with Yoav Dotan

·        The Limits of Justice Barak (Or, Does Judicial Discretion Really Exist), 9 U. Haifa L. & Government J. (University of Haifa Law & Government Journal) 261 (2005)

·        Just Talk, 1 Haifa L. Rev. 327 (2004)

·        The Life of Law Has Been Logic, and Hence Everything is Justiciable: On Appropriate Legal Formalism, 6 U. Haifa L. & Government J. 591 (2003)

·        Four Constitutional Revolutions?, 6 U. Haifa L. & Government J. 305 (2003)*

·        Equality and Governmental Discretion: On Constitutional and Administrative Equality, Chief Justice Shamgar Book 287 (Articles – part A, Aharon Barak – chief ed. 2003)

·        Public Security in Israel: The Legal Framework, 3 Stud. National Security 21 (2002)

·        Constitutional Cliches: Between Public Expression and Private Dignity, 32 Hebrew U. L. Rev. 623 (2002) – with Michal Tamir*

·        Literary Critique of Law: Critical Comments, 18 Bar-Ilan L. Stud. 85 (2002)

·        A Judge and a Writer – A Conversation with Itzhak Englard and Abraham B. Yehoshua, 18 Bar-Ilan L. Stud. 17 (2002) – comoderator with Shulamit Almog

·        Criminal Record without a Conviction, 16 Law & Army 95 (2002)

·        Military Atmosphere in Judicial Review: Between Justiciability and Populism, 9 Isr. J. Crim. Justice 413 (2001) [reprinted in: Army, Society and Law 413 (Daphne Barak-Erez ed. 2002)]

·        Entrenchment and Constitution: Bergman and the Constitutional Discourse in Israel, 31 Hebrew U. L. Rev. 821 (2001)*

·        The Administrative Authority of Itzhak Zamir, 5 U. Haifa L. & Government J. 571 (2000)

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·        People as Means-Only: The Legal Aspect, 1 Dvarim 76 (1998)

·        Against the Relativity of Basic Rights, 4 U. Haifa L. & Government J. 343 (1998)

·        Political Parties: A Matter of Law, The Demise of Parties in Israel 274 (Dany Korn ed. 1998)

·        Against the Annulment of Direct Election of the Prime Minister, 4 U. Haifa L. & Government J. 1 (1997)

·        Developments in Basic Civil Liberties in Criminal Procedure and Evidence, 1995-96 Yearbook Isr. L. 481 (1996)

·        Confessions as Evidence: Between Objects and Means, 5 Isr. J. Crim. Justice 245 (1996)*

·        Freedom of Fertility as a basic Human Right, Unusual Pregnancy 115 (Shulamit Almog & Avinoam Ben-Ze'ev eds. 1996) – with Shulamit Almog

·        The Legal Status of Political Agreements, 3 U. Haifa L. & Government J. 297 (1995)*

·        Judicial Review According to Justice Menachem Elon, 25 Hebrew U. L. Rev. 481 (1995) – with Shulamit Almog

·        Defects in the Enactment of Basic Laws, 2 U. Haifa L. & Government J. 443 (1994)*

·        The Constitutional Status of the Knesset Rules of Procedure, 22 Hebrew U. L. Rev. 571 (1993)*

·        Case-Law of Political Parties in Israel, The Parties Act in Israel: Between a Legal Framework and Democratic Norms 63 (Dan Avnon ed. 1993)

·        Criminal Offences and Prior Restraint, 3 Isr. J. Crim. Justice 240 (1992)

·        Review of Recent Cases, 1 U. Haifa L. & Government J. 213-221, 509-531 (1992-93)

·        Administrative Law as a Theory of Administration, 1 U. Haifa L. & Government J. 145 (1992)

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·        Disqualification of Judges as a Result of favoritism, Human and Civil Rights in Israel 403 (Tali Ben-Gal, Dana Alexander, Ariel L. Bendor & Sharon Rabin eds. 1992)

·        Problems in Codification of the General Part of Administrative Law, 9 Bar-Ilan L. Stud. 155 (1991)

·        Freedom of Defamation, 20 Hebrew U. L. Rev. 561 (1991)*

·        State Contracts and the Budget Act, 19 Hebrew U. L. Rev. 185 (1990)*

·        The Right of Political Parties to Participate in Elections to the Knessset, 18 Hebrew U. L. Rev. 269 (1989)*

·        Justiciability in the High Court of Justice, 17 Hebrew U. L. Rev. 592 (1988)*

Freedom of Expression in Advertising on Public Notice Boards, 17 Hebrew U. L. Rev. 171 (1



Courses Taught (selection)

·        Constitutional Law

·        Administrative Law

·        Law of Evidence

·        Sources of Israeli Law

·        Law of Tenders

·        Freedom of Occupation

·        Prior Restraint

·        Human Rights in Private Law

·        Human Rights in Criminal Law

·        Basic Laws

·        The Attorney General

·        Offences and Torts of Expression


·        Constitutional Law


·        Administrative law

·        Comparative Law

·        Legal Education and Methodology.