About the School of Communication


The recently upgraded School of Communication at Bar-Ilan University is already one of the best in Israel. It provides academic degrees programs (BA, MA, PhD), a professional training department, five research centers, and several media facilities.  The School implements high admission standards and accepts only a selected group of outstanding candidates. The School is lead by Prof. Eytan Gilboa, a world renowned scholar in international communication. The School's faculty includes world renowned scholars and experts, several of whom have pursued successful careers in Israeli media.


Next year, it will inaugurate two groundbreaking programs that are the first of their kind in Israel: An undergraduate program in English for overseas students as well as a graduate program in International Communication.


Existing and future research centers include the Center for International Communication (CIC), Center for Law and Communication, Center for Communication and Religion, Center for New-Media, and Israeli Media Research Center.   All are unique and the first of their kind in Israel. In addition, they are all highly relevant to the broad fields of communication in Israel and abroad. CIC has already established substantial international reputation among scholars and experts around the world.


The Professional Training department offers a wide variety of workshops in areas such as new media, advertising, public relations, and broadcast media. The instructors are among the best and most known communication professionals in Israel. 


The School is also building modern media facilities including a radio station, (Radio Bar-Ilan FM106), television studios, and state-of-the-art multimedia labs so that its students may not only learn from the best but have the best tools at their fingertips.