Mr. Yaakov Ahimeir



Yaakov Ahimeir was born in Ramat Gan in 1938, son of Sonia and Abba Ahimeir.   He graduated from the Hebrew University with a Bachelors degree in General History and Political Science.. His first writing assignment was for a youth  newspaper. . He began working as a news editor for Israel Radio in 1963 and then had a stint in the foreign service of the BBC in London.  He joined Israel TV in 1970, two years after Israel first had its own TV station, and held senior positions in the news department—including host for the verbally acerbic show Politika.

He was the chief correspondent for Anwar Sadat's historic arrival in Israel.  As a correspondent, talk show host and anchor for Israel TV’s National TV station, his specialty has always been political news. He served as foreign correspondent to Washington, interviewing  US President Clinton, Secretaries of State, Senators and many other foreign leaders.. Since 1997, he's been the anchor of Israel's highly rated and prestigious news program "Seeing the World" which brings local and international news to the Israeli viewer on Saturday Night.  He's also a journalist and newspaper columnist, frequently hosts popular radio talk shows on different weekly programs and is a host on Israel's version of the Today show. He has been awarded with a few prestigious prizes for achievement in electronic journalism and journalistic criticism.