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The CIC Public Diplomacy Workshop

The CIC Public Diplomacy Workshop is a prestigious program that trains outstanding students in the fields of public diplomacy and spokesmanship, and provides them with the skills necessary to represent Israel in the international sphere.

The workshop is operated by the Center for International Communication (CIC) at the Bar-Ilan School of Communication - and is open to students of all academic institutions.

The participants take part in a series of seven, three-hour sessions, led by world-renowned experts on public diplomacy and media affairs.

Guest speakers include prominent figures from the public service arena, such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Public Diplomacy & Diaspora Affairs, as well as representatives of the IDF Spokesperson's Unit and NGO Monitor.


Registration is now open for the next semester!


Further details and registration.



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Feedback received from the workshop’s alumni:


■    "Thanks to the CIC Public Diplomacy Workshop group for a wonderful workshop which
       was very helpful in many ways .


■    'It was fun, I learned many things, and met new people. I learned about different ways of
       seeing the term called "Public Diplomacy", and about different techniques in the art of
       conveying a message. The man and women who took part in this workshop were indeed
       brilliant, and now they will be able to use their various abilities to shape a better image of 
       Israel. Hopefully, along side with that, they will continue in their contribution to Israel's social
       and political sphere."

■     "The workshop was really fun, interesting and enriching. I learned a lot and I look forward to
        the future workshops or lectures the CIC will produce."


■     "Participating in the seminar was an exciting and worthwhile experience. "


■     "I really enjoyed the atmosphere that was created in the workshops; I thought it felt serious,
        yet I felt that there was room for questions and discussion."


■     "Some of the lectures were aimed for young professionals who want to acquire knowledge to
        be able to defend Israel on a personal basis."


■     "This workshop was a professional, high-level and well organized course in Public

         Dplomacy. I learn another way to defend my country.


■      "Great Workshop, I had the chance to use some of the new tools I got,  very helpful! Thanx!"


■      "I would like to thank you guys for including me among the workshop participants.I had
         the privilege and honor to participate. I learned a lot and I definitely recommend it warmly" 


Last Updated Date : 21/01/2020