How to Apply


The necessary prerequisites for consideration in the International B.A. Program in Communications are:

• High School Diploma or Matriculation Certificate

• Combined SAT Score of 1100 on the Math/Critical Reading sections, or ACT/Psychometric Exam equivalent

• A 3.0 GPA or 82 average in High School

• If applying with a Hebrew Psychometric Exam score, the applicant must have a 134 score on the English section or have taken the TOEFL exam.

• Applicants who do not meet the minimum requirements can ask to have their applications submitted to the Appeals Committee. The Appeals Committee will decide if the candidate's background justifies acceptance or if the candidate can fulfill other conditions to be accepted to the program.


In addition to sending official copies of the items requested above, students must also send all of the following:

•  Completed application form

•  One recent passport photograph

•  Copy of the first page of your passport or Israeli Teudat Zehut

•  Certified copy of your secondary school (High School) transcript

•  Applicants graduating from High School this year must submit a certified letter to this effect by school authority.

•  Copy of your post-secondary school (Yeshiva, Seminary, One-year Program, Mechina, College), transcripts – if applicable.

•  Registration fee of 400NIS or $110.