Why Study Communication?

The School of Communication's English-language B.A. program is training the future generation of media leaders to succeed in the rapidly-changing communications environment, while promoting a culture of communication that is balanced, ethical, and informed.

Guided by faculty members with world-class expertise, students gain a scholarly understanding of media theory and practice, while acquiring strong capabilities in new communication technologies. Both Graduate and Undergraduate degree programs include advanced courses in international communication, new media, political communication, as well as practical professional courses. This undergraduate program in English is available to overseas students, for a full three-year degree.


Our extensive experience and excellent faculty members
Bar-Ilan University has over 30 years of experience in teaching communication, and prides itself with hundreds of B.A. and M.A. graduates. The faculty members of our School of Communication and related units are internationally renowned researchers and lecturers, with extensive experience in all fields of communication: print press, TV, radio, advertising, marketing, public relations, spokesmanship, and new media.

Career opportunities
Our graduates are trained to successfully work as journalists, spokespersons,  and media consultants in government or private offices, in addition to further pursuing an academic research and teaching career.

Our diversified curriculum and extra-curricular affairs
Bar-Ilan's School of Communication offers an English language B.A. study track in Communication as a Major, with a selection of other disciplines as Minors, such as Political Science and English Literature. In addition, Bar-Ilan's Dean of Students Office is in charge of students social activities and general support where needed.