Dr. Clila Magen


    Dr. Magen is a lecturer at the School of Communication and a research fellow at the Center for International Communication at Bar-Ilan University in Israel. Prior to joining academia, she served as a spokesperson for the Chair of the Committee of Defense and Foreign Affairs of the Knesset (Parliament). Dr. Magen's fields of research include public relations, crisis communication and nation branding as well as media and national security, focusing on the unique relationship between intelligence services and the media.


    Dr. Magen has published studies on crisis communication and public relations in leading journals in communications and public relations and in edited books. She contributes op-eds to printed and on-line media. She is the author of the book "Behind the Seen; The Mosad, Shabak and the Israeli Media" on intelligence services and the media in Israel (in Hebrew, University of Haifa Press & Miskal-Yedioth Ahronoth Books and Chemed Books).


    Alongside her research work, over the last decade Dr. Magen has been involved in many community activities and established several social initiatives and projects.


    * Crisis Communication

    * Strategic Communications, Public Relations, Public Affairs

    * Branding – Nation Branding, Corporate Branding, Self-Branding

    * Media & National Security



    Contemporary Issues in Communications: How it Works Behind the Scenes

    Crisis Communication

    The Media in Israel

    Branding nations, regions, and cities

    Contemporary Issues in Communications: How it Works Behind the Scenes


    Director of the School of Communication's Internship Program



    Communication Fundamentals: Concepts & Models


    BOOK (as author)

    Magen, C. (2017). Behind the Seen. Haifa: Haifa University Press and Miskal Yedioth Ahronoth, 415 pages (Hebrew).



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    *This article won an Outstanding Article for 2020 on behalf of the Association of Civil- Military studies in Israel.


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    *Chosen as outstanding poster of the ICA PR Division.


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    NON REFEREED PUBLICATIONS (Op-Eds in news websites and newspapers)

    1. The New Gladiators, Maariv (in Hebrew) March 12, 2008
    2. Social Hypothermia, ynet (in Hebrew) February 3, 2008
    3. Pessimists, Nrg (in Hebrew) March 26, 2008
    4. "Kidnapped": Timing is everything, Nrg (in Hebrew) March 5, 2010
    5. The reality show of the trapped miners in Chile, Nrg (in Hebrew) October 16, 2010
    6. Contemplations in the "Mehadrin" bus, Nrg (in Hebrew) December 22, 2011
    7. The Mossad’s inadequate crisis communication, Nrg (in Hebrew) February 18, 2013
    8. Marching here, with the living, Nrg (in Hebrew) April 7, 2013
    9. An obligation, Maariv (in Hebrew) June 12, 2013
    10. A media earthquake is required, Maariv (in Hebrew) March 24, 2014
    11. New and Old in Generals’ Wars, Nrg (in Hebrew), November 13 2014
    12. The good, the bad, and the “Maran”: Politician Aryeh Deri awakes campaigns from the past, Nrg, December 12, 2014
    13. The media strategy behind Olmert's video, Nrg, February 15, 2016.
    14. Without censorship: Do not be afraid of the words of Gefen - fear the boycott on his songs, Kan, January 28, 2018.
    15. Prime-Time Mossad: Between the need for secrecy and the desire to reveal, Kan, May 2, 2018.



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