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The Lilyan Wilder Workshop for Communication Excellence

Lilyan Wilder         

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The Lilyan Wilder Center for Communication Excellence is a non-profit organization that was established to perpetuate Lilyan Wilder’s life's work by equipping those who speak on Israel’s behalf with the oral communication skills their roles demand. The workshops, which are offered both in Israel and abroad, utilizie the Lilyan Wilder Method for Communication Excellence. The participants include Knesset members, diplomats, politicians, professionals, and media personalities, as well as students who aspire to one day assume positions of leadership.


                The Lilyan Wilder Workshop 'Speaking With Impact'   The Lilyan Wilder Workshop 'Speaking With Impact'2     The Lilyan Wilder Workshop 'Speaking With Impact'3         

The Lilyan Wilder Workshop 'Speaking With Impact', is held in Israel in cooperation with the Center for International Communicatio (CIC).


Last Updated Date : 21/01/2020