About the Center for International Communication

The Bar-Ilan Center for International Communication (CIC) is the only university center in Israel that pursues research and training in international communication and public diplomacy. It integrates both theoretical and applied dimensions of communication research in fields such as terror and war, diplomacy and peace, trade and commerce, culture and sport, international organizations and NGO's, as well as values, norms and international law.

The Center for International Communication conducts policy oriented research and issues regular publications on public and international affairs. It hosts national and international conferences promoting dialogue and mutual understanding, and offers training in public diplomacy for students, members of the professional community and Israeli government and military officials.

Most of the CIC's activities are dedicated to confronting the challenges Israel faces in the international arena. Although the information age presents new obstacles to governments, including that of Israel, it also provides new channels for dialogue with both friend and foe, as well as delivering  important information regarding Israel's plans and goals.

One of the CIC's central priorities is to raise awareness among Israeli politicians and officials of the increasing significance of international communication and public diplomacy for the security and well-being of the state.

The CIC develops communication strategies and public diplomacy programs based on modern knowledge of social media, nation branding, international public relations, cultural diplomacy, international exchanges, international broadcasting, humanitarian aid, NGOs, Diaspora public diplomacy, lawfare, corporate or business public diplomacy, media monitoring and world public opinion surveys.

The Center offers basic and advanced courses for government and non-governmental officials who represent Israel abroad. The courses provide training in topics such as writing, advocacy, media framing, media relations, branding, argumentation and persuasion, political marketing, public speaking and speaking on the broadcast media, creating and activating media networks, and inter- cultural communication.

The CIC's outstanding senior and junior fellows and researchers include former government officials, spokespersons, diplomats and former senior army officers, journalists, and experts in public relations, advertisement, and the new media.

The CIC maintains a close professional and scientific relationship with The Center on Public Diplomacy at the University of Southern California (USC), including hosting a conference that addressed Israel's global image and the public diplomacy and communication strategies required to bolster it. The Center for International Communication is an integral part of the School of Communication at Bar- Ilan University.