Dr. Yaeli Bloch-Elkon

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Bar-Ilan University


    1997                         B.A. - Political Science-Public Communications

                                     (summa cum laude)

    1997                         Professional Diploma in Mass Media and Journalism

                                     (magna cum laude)

    1999                         M.A.- Political Science-Public Communications

                                     (magna cum laude)

    2003                         Ph.D. - Political Science-Public Communications

                                     (University Fellowship of Excellence)

    2004-07                    Post-Doctoral Research - Department of Political Science and the
                                      Institute for Social and Economic Research and Policy (ISERP)


    Professional Work


    2004-05               Visiting Scholar, Columbia University, NY, Department of              Political Science
    2006-to-Date Associate Research Scholar, Columbia University, NY, Institute for Social and Economic Research and Policy (ISERP)
    2008-to-Date Research Associate, Bar Ilan University, Begin-Sadat Center For Strategic Studies (BESA)


































































    Assistant Chair, Public Communication Program,

    Bar Ilan University


    Secretary, Israeli Political Science Association (IPSA).


    Assistant Head, International Policy and Communication

    Center, Bar Ilan University


    Assistant Editor, PATUACH/PCS: Journal of Politics,

    Communications, and Society [Hebrew]


    Advisor, Division of Academic Coordination and

    Development, Open-University


    Memberships in Professional Organizations:

    International Communication Association (ICA);

    International Studies Association (ISA); American

    Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR);

    American Political Science Association (APSA);

    Israel Communication Association (ISCA); Israel

    Political Science Association (ISPSA)


    Undergraduate Adviser, Public Communication

    Program, Bar Ilan University


    Book/Paper/Grant Proposal Reviewer for

    Professional/Academic Journals, Publishers:

    Harvard/ International Journal of Press/Politics;

    Journal of Political  Communication; Journal of

    Communication; Journalism; Political Science

    Quarterly; Public Opinion Quarterly; Foreign

    Policy Analysis; International Political Science

    Review; International Studies Quarterly; Critical

    Studies on Terrorism; International Review of Social

    Psychology etc.; Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

    (book proposals and manuscripts); SAGE

    Publications (book proposals).


    Lectures for the "Israel Bonds" (Development

    corporation for Israel), and the Israeli Council,

    Public Relations and Academic Affairs, NY, USA.


    Special assistant, Chair, Communication Program,

    Bar Ilan University Establishment of School of

    Communication proposal to Higher Education Council.


    Executive Committee, Israel Communication

    Association (ISCA).



    Pedagogy Committee, Communications Program,

    Bar Ilan University.


    Grants and Research Committee, School of

    Communication, Bar Ilan University.


    Rosner's Domain, The Israel Factor, panelist.




    Communication and Technology (1998-2000)

    Introductory courses in Political Studies and International Relations (Head T.A., 1998-2001)

    Introductory course in Mass Communications (2001-2004, 2007-to-Date)

    Communications: Theory and Practice (2003-2004)

    Seminar in Political Communications and Public Opinion (2006-to-date)


    Seminar in Diplomacy, Media and Public Opinion (T.A., 1999-2001)

    Seminar on Media, Public Opinion and Foreign Policy (2006-2011)

    Advanced Methodology and Statistics (2007-2011)

    Communications, Public Opinion and Policy (2010-to-Date)


    Prizes, Scholarships and Awards 
    1996-7                      Dean’s List, Bar Ilan University                                    
    1997                         Rector's Honors Award, Bar Ilan University
    1998-9                      “Master of Achievement” Fellowship, Bar Ilan University                    
    2000                         Outstanding Master's Thesis Award, Israeli Political Science Association                                    (ISPA)
    2000-3                      University Fellowship of Excellence for Doctoral Studies -                 
                                     President and Dean Award, Bar Ilan University                                                                                                                                
    2001                         Scholarship for Excellence in Masters Degree, NA’AMAT
    2011                         Grants for participation in an International Conference, USA:
                                     1) International Studies Association (ISA); 2) Bar Ilan Ph.D.
                                     Committee; 3) Department of Political Science, Bar Ilan University    
    2003                         Outstanding Young Teacher’s Award, International Communication                                          Association
    2004                         Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertation Award, Israeli Political Science                                                  Association (ISPA)
    2004                         Schnitzer Fund for Research on the Economy and Society in Israel,                                          Faculty of Social 
                                     Sciences, Bar Ilan University
    2004-5                      Post Doctoral Fellowship - President, Rector and Dean Award, Bar Ilan                                    University                                                                                               
    2005                         Post Doctoral Grant, Department of Political Science, Bar Ilan University                                                                                                                                               
    2006-7                      Grants for participation in Inter/national Conferences,                 
                                     School of Arts and Sciences, Columbia University, NY.                                                              (Canada, Philadelphia, California, Chicago)
    2012                         Rector's Research Grant, Bar Ilan University
    2013                         Choice Magazine: CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title Award
    2013                         Carl Couch Center: The Bruce E. Gronbeck Political Communication


    M.A. Students:

    Sarit Aharonovich. Media Framing: The Israeli Press during the First and Second Intifada.

    (Co-supervised w/ Prof. S. Lehman-Wilzig). Approved September 2004, completed October 2006.


    Chen Pikholz. Media Reality Reconstruction and the War on Terrorism.

    Approved July 2010, towards completion.


    Micelle Stein Teer. Personal Communication Profile: An Experimental Approach towards Effective Political Rhetoric. Approved July 2013.


    [New students in the stage of writing proposals towards approval].


    PhD. Students:

    Israel Tal-Seranga. Framing IDF Generals in the Israeli Media, 2004-2008.

    (Co-supervised w/ Prof. E. Gilboa). Approved April 2010, completed July 2012.

    Micelle Stein Teer. Beyond Words: Political Rhetoric and Media Coverage, Framing Personal

    Communication Profiles (PCP). Towards submission of research proposal.



    1993                        Commissioned Officer (Lieutenant), Intelligence Branch Research                                             Division Israel Defense Force, IDF

    2004                         Accepted for a Post-Doctoral research at 8 leading universities (Harvard,                                  MIT,Columbia, Yale, Duke, Northwestern, Berkley and UK Cambridge).


    2004-2007                Fund Raising – Representative of Bar Ilan University’s Global Division to                                  NY, Midwest and Florida. Presentations and solicitation from donors
                                     and potential donors.






    Political Communications: Media Framing, Mass Media and Terrorism;

    Media and International Crisis/ Foreign Policy

    Public Opinion; Political Polarization  

    Advanced Quantitative Methods        



    Books (Author/Editor             


    1. Nacos, Brigitte L., Bloch-Elkon, Yaeli and Shapiro, Robert Y. (2011). Selling Fear: Counterterrorism, the Media and Public Opinion. Chicago University Press.


                [Was reviewed in: Political Communication (2011); Public Opinion Quarterly (2012); Choice Review  

                 (2012);  International Journal of Public Opinion Research (2012); Political Science Quarterly (2012)]


               Won: Choice Magazine: 2013 CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title Award.

                        The 2013 Bruce E. Gronbeck Political Communication Research Award.


    2. Bloch, Yael (2001). Contemporary Political Ideologies – Student Instructional Manual. Tel Aviv: The Open-University. (Hebrew).


    3. Bloch, Yael, Co-Editor (2001). Modern Ideologies: A Reader (Two volumes, 850 p.). Tel Aviv: Open University (Hebrew).


    Articles and Book Chapters


    1. Bloch, Yaeli and Lehman-Wilzig, Sam (2001). "An Exploratory Model of Media – Government Relations in International Crisis: U.S Involvement in Bosnia 1992-1995", in Gilboa, E. (ed.), Media and Conflict: Framing Issues, Making Policy, Shaping Opinions. NY, Transnational Publishers, pp. 153-173.


    1. Auerbach, Yehudit and Bloch-Elkon, Yaeli (2005). "The Press and Foreign Policy: New York Times and Washington Post vis-à-vis U.S Policy in Bosnia". Journal of Peace Research, 42 (1), pp. 83-99.


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    Book Review                

    Bloch-Elkon, Yaeli (2005). "Silent Voices: Public Opinion and Political Participation in America", by Adam J. Berinsky, Political Science Quarterly, Vol. 120, pp. 516-518.

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